Monday, October 10, 2011

Let's Catch Up!

I'm not done with this striped dress kick just yet! I still fully intend to make my fall dress. I seriously love this dress and I can really see myself wearing it. The fact that she looks totally fab in hers probably has a lot to do with it.I put a couple of colors together to see what they would look like. I tried to match the colors as close as possible because I really love the look just as it is; right down to the jacket!
Image from Cheetah is the New Black

You would have to be living under a rock not to have caught wind of the Missoni for Target craze last month. I didn't purchase anything. I wasn't interested in anything that I saw, and thank goodness. Everything sold out very quickly. Before it was all over, there was one little number that grabbed my attention and held on tight.
Drool! Seriously! How hot is this? I've already picked out colors! Now of course this was a serious tease. NOTHING like this was sold in Target locations near me. I suspect it was never sold in the Target stores period. So I can only guess how much this little number would run for. That would actually be very amusing. If anyone finds a link. Please share. I'm curious.

I know I said I wouldn't be changing systems again anytime soon but...when I said I missed my Olympus. I really meant it. So I'm back to my Olympus system. I appreciate my system now more than before! Sometimes you actually get it right the first time. This camera is so me! It's seriously fun to use!
Plus, it's so darn sexy!
Today's camera: Olympus EP-3 ED 12mm f2.0
Image from Patrick Ng


Sheila said...

That dress is really nice and looking forward to your version. Ummm yeah I am one of those individuals that live under a rock and didn't know about the Missoni @ Target, until bloggers started posting about it.

Monique said...

LOL! Sheila girl that is because you are a masterful artist hard at work on your machine. You haven't the time to be bothered with nonsense such as that!

GFS said...

That striped dress gives me life!

Monique said...

It gets me excited too! Can't wait to get started on my own.

Falala Mele said...

oh I have a pen and its so good but I am wanting t/o what is ur new cam like

Tracy said...

I guess I am living under a rock, lol.
Love your camera. My dad left me some of his old camera, My daughter loves them, as she is a photographer.

Monique said...

Falala Mele-Great to meet another Pen pal!
The new cam is the same as the first one but with a few extra features. LOL!
Here's a side by side spec comparison.

Tracy-Thank you.
Yes I checked out her webpage and she definitely has an eye.
Vintage cameras are all the rage! What I love about my cam is that is it today's technology in yesteryear's body style. So cool!

Madam Butterfly said...

Love the dress! I'll be looking forward to your creation!

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!

Tana said...

Nice camera! You gotta work with the tools that you are most comfortable with. I think I would be really comfortable with a brand new Macbook Pro, but sadly, I'll probably never know. Sigh. :)

Monique said...

Madame Butterfly-Thank you. Yarn came in the mail yesterday, so it won't be long now.

Tana-Thank you. I agree. The more you like your equipment, the more you use it. Thus, the more creative you become with it.
MacBook Pro huh? Nice. Never say "never".

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I wish I could get my hands on some of those Missoni pieces but it was too late! xoxoxoo

Jen @ AnotherJennifer said...

Wow. Beautiful dress!

Meg Wesley said...

The stripey dress is really interesting. I bet a knit version would look really nice. Are you going to line the dress after you are done knitting it?

Monique said...

Fashion Cappuccino-Yeah, you would have had to move very fast!

Jen-It really is!

Meg-The dress shown is also knit. It's just a much finer gauge. No. I'm not going to line the dress.

Shanna The Luxe said...

Love the colors on your striped dress! Hang in there, it will be so worth it. The blue and white summer dress turned great!

Business logo design said...

Beautiful dressess....

Bang and Buck said...

my gosh, that missoni x target dress is hot to trot!


Bang & Buck

Nimue said...

Love the camera! And your striped dress will sure look fabulous once finished ;) can't wait to see the result!