Friday, November 04, 2011

Photo Friday

I thought I would share some photos. As regular readers know, it's another one of my passions. Plus, it's a way to say hello till I have a finshed project to show. Had a little photo shoot last week and coincidentally happened to be wearing one of my knits. It's the Ebony Turtleneck that I made last year. I have to say, this knit has gotten sooo much wear over the past year. It's just one of those staple, go-to pieces. I didn't really show it off in these pics. The shoot wasn't about the turtleneck, but now I wish I had gotten more of it in the pics. I also wish my hem had been turned down.

Flirting with the Camera
Flirting with the camera

Super Skinny
I always use laceweight/light fingering size threads, but I want to go even skinnier sometimes. I swatched up this yarn (to the left). It's a two-ply knitting yarn that is the size of #10 crochet thread. Seriously! You can see how considerably smaller the stitches are from the yarn on the right, especially the stripe. I didn't think it would knit properly on my machine, but decided to give it a try. It turned out great! Now I can't wait to make some things with
super skinny yarns!

I decided to go with a slightly deeper color. It's called "Cocoa" and it's very rich and delicious! Dontcha think?! I saw this color and fell in love all over again! I love my original color choice also. It was such a match, but I have some unfinished business with that shade of yarn. That project was frogged quite a while ago, however, I still plan to reknit it. This thread is the same size as the swatch to the right in the photo above. The smaller thread is half the size of this strand. I think that puts it in perspective.

Knitting Progress
Does this look familiar? LOL! This picture was taken earlier this afternoon. I knit this up today. You'll be happy to know that I've made considerable progress just since this photo was taken. I've been slow in starting this project, so I'm trying to catch up by knitting the complete back today. I really need to start taking full advantage of this machine. You can really have a nice knit wardrobe if you own one of these!

Have a great weekend!


Tracy said...

Stunning photos, you are beautiful.
Your knitting is outstanding, that colour is so rich :)

Monique said...

(Ego swelling) Thank you very much Tracy! I love this color and I thought a fall/winter project would suit it beautifully. Even more, I love these two colors together!

Nik said...

I'm gonna need you to stop being so're making the rest of us look bad LOL.

I'm glad you're knitting that crochet cotton on a machine. It would be pure madness to try to hand knit a garment with such skinny yarn.

Monique said...

LOL! Nik I'll stop the cuteness if you stop the wittiness!
I agree. It would be complete madness to cast on such a small size. Some brave knitters have, but usually for a small accessory. I plan to make more summer dresses using this weight. I'd like to see someone cast on a thread that size for such a garment! I would be quite impressed!

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Cool! love the color.=D

Jamie E. Anthony said...

wow! i knitting machine! that must be helpful!!! i love the colors you chose!