Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Come Join Me...I've Moved!

Please join me at my new home.


Groom wedding suit said...

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Anonymous said...

What the Demonic Entity Based Harper government should do is cut 100% the bloody Chemical Trail Program instead rather than Void mail carriers. The Anglo-whitey Harper government of Canada spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually to fly planes in a Grid pattern ALL over Canada spewing heavy metals like Barium and Aluminum to "Modify the Weather"...i.e. they can make it rain, they can make it cloudy, they can make it warmer etc., and these heavy metals are the Cause for some forms of Cancer and Respiratory Problems.

You are NO doubt asking yourself," Gee, I Never heard of ANY of this!" The reason you have not is because both the U.S. and Harper Canadian governments DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW about the Chemical Trail Program, and dismiss it altogether. They would rather You dumb whitey Canadians FOCUS on getting in debt, buying a Bigger house You DONT need, buying a more expensive car you DONT need, playing Video games to desensitize you from the Killing Violence within said games, Eating Trans-Fat foods (McDonald's, KFC etc., and carrying around tiny IPad's & IPhones so you can get blurred vision over time, brain cancer over time and not to mention the corpul tunnel. They Don't want you to know about the unnecessary Fluoride in the water that is giving you ostiosporosis, and the chemicals in Make up and hair dyes giving You cancer...they just say,"Poor Sheila, she just got Cancer! Let's push the Pink Cancer Ribbons". They Don't want you to think Abortion is MURDER because that isn't a child inside a mother's womb, it's a piece of pepperoni, it ain't human! No The Lord's Prayer in the classroom? And dogs and cats have Rights! More so than the Aboriginals who die on a DAILY BASIS but hey, they are not cats & dogs so THEY DONT MATTER! THIS is what the Demonic Entity based Harper government has done & it's time to WAKE UP FOLKS! FOCUS...